Optical Workshop at Santosh Hospital

An optical workshop was conducted by the Lenskart team on May 9th, 2023, in the Department of Ophthalmology at Santosh Hospital. A total of 52 optometry students participated in this workshop, which focused on various aspects of optical care.

The workshop began with an introduction to the latest trends in eyewear and the importance of proper eye care. The team discussed the various types of lenses and frames available, as well as the different types of coatings that can be applied to lenses to enhance their functionality.

The students were given hands-on training on how to measure the power of lenses, and how to read and interpret prescription data. The team demonstrated how to use different optical instruments, such as the lensometer, phoropter, and slit-lamp, and gave students the opportunity to practice using them.

The Lenskart team also emphasized the importance of patient communication and discussed ways to interact with patients effectively to ensure their needs are met. They provided tips on how to effectively explain optical terminology and how to educate patients on the proper care and maintenance of their eyewear.

The workshop concluded with a Q&A session, during which students were able to ask questions and clarify any doubts they had. The students expressed their appreciation for the opportunity to learn from the Lenskart team and gain practical experience in optical care.

Overall, the optical workshop conducted by the Lenskart team was a great success, providing optometry students with valuable knowledge and hands-on training in the latest trends and techniques in optical care. The team was knowledgeable and engaging, and the students left the workshop feeling inspired and confident in their abilities to provide quality optical care to their future patients.

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