Santosh Physiotherapy College offering top-notch education and physiotherapy training.It was established in 1996 with the intention of offering the standardquality care treatmentand excellent education in the field of physiotherapy.Our professionally qualified, trained, highly skilled and clinically trained staff uses a range of diverse teaching methods at the institution staff provides strategic teaching techniques including theoretical expertise,practical knowledge, group discussion sessions, case studiesand other evidence-based teaching methods has created an innovative curriculum and effective teaching. It promotes comprehensive learning through a combination of classroom instruction with hands-on practical training and community interaction.


Well Furnished Classrooms: The college have spacious classrooms. Desks are evenly spaced together, and the hallways are well-ventilated.Advanced audio-visual teaching tools are also available in every lecture hall. The design and layout of the seminar hall took into consideration of the other factors associated with physiotherapy training and education.The exercise therapy and biomechanics lab at the college is fully furnished. A well-equipped neurological, cardio-respiratory and paediatric units with all the necessary equipment is available for student’s training. Using the most up-to-date understanding and equipment from the most advanced centres of quality manufacturing, it trains effective specialists in the art of easing human pain and suffering.



Bachelor of Physiotherapy
Master of Physiotherapy in Orthopaedics
Master of Physiotherapy in Neurology
Master of Physiotherapy- Cardiothoracic & Pulmonary Disease


Santosh Physiotherapy Brochure

Provide widely recognized leadership in the improvement of teaching, learning andthe assessment of educational outcomes through modern technology and research.The team at the college of physiotherapy strives to provide the highest standard of physiotherapy care in a happy environment. We at Santosh is a teamof talented, superb, inventive, and exemplary healthcare experts that are passionate about what they do and an inspiration to their patients.Excellent work is being done as these physiotherapists take care of people at all stages of life.Our vision is to try to fulfil the
following values-

  • Empathy – the foundation of ethical and concerned healthcare professionals.
  • Quality – the foundation of evidence-based, whole-patient treatment.
  • Integrity – the foundation of trust and authenticity.
  • Performance – the foundation of healthy patients.
  • Innovation – the foundation of outstanding personal and diseases related results. Also, for research.
  • Commitment – the foundation of engagement and leadership.

Our vision is to be recognised as the most trustworthy and effective physical therapy service in the society, driven by excellent results and a knowledgeable, creative,friendly and efficient staff.

To deliver high quality educational services by Creating a culture of excellence. Take a leadership role and make resources available for the improvement of physiotherapy education and practice.The department of physiotherapy is dedicated to meeting the demands of society in terms of health via excellence in professional practise, service, and education. A great institution is a place where brains and creativity are constantly being burned up in a bonfire of innovation and transformation. Our goal is to establish a value-based culture that will bring about the necessary transformation for producing outcomes and providing patients with exceptional care while keeping quality affordable for everyone. Our mission is to advance the health and well-being of the clients and patients visiting to the department, through research and evidence-based practice.

  • To acquire requisite knowledge of the basic medical subjective in the field ofphysiotherapy.
  • To prepare leading physiotherapist to meet the health care of the society.
  • To set high standard of comprehensive professional education by developingthe intellectual strength of students.
  • To train general and specialized physiotherapy professional.
  • To meet regional, national, and global physiotherapy skilled manpower andservice needs.
  • To induce technology relevant into physiotherapy education, service andresearch.
  • Promote excellent physiotherapy education and service research system forcommunitydevelopment.
SN Faculty Name Designation
1 Dr. Deepak Raghav Principal
2 Dr. Monika Professor
3 Dr. Nishant Assistant Professor
4 Dr. Apoorva Assistant Professor
5 Dr. Tanvi Agarwal Associate Professor
6 Dr. Shubham Assistant Professor

Musculoskeletal and sports physiotherapy:

Santosh College of physiotherapy is well known centre for Musculoskeletal andsportsrehabilitation. Our team of experienced physiotherapists provides high-quality services at affordable costs.The common musculoskeletal conditions that require physiotherapy are ligament sprains, muscle sprains, arthritis, cartilage tears, pre- and post-surgery rehabilitation, Fracture rehabilitation, cervical spondylitis, low back pain, etc.These programs are developed through an objectiveassessment process and a specific physiotherapy diagnosis.


Paediatric and adult neuro-rehabilitation centre:

Santosh is a renowned institute for the treatment of individuals with neurological problems. In addition to other neurological treatments, it includes PNF techniques, mobilisation, Neuro development techniques, the Bobath technique, stretching, and effective therapeutic exercises. Specific neurological techniques and exercises are designed to expedite recovery from a nervous system impairment and to minimize any variations that may result from it.


Women’s Physiotherapy Clinic:

Women's Health Physiotherapy is the primary therapeutic treatmentfor all conditions affecting the pelvis and pelvic floor.There is emerging evidence that physical therapy can treat a variety of problems, including incontinence, prolapse, pelvic pain, and constipation, and frequently even completely relieve them. For the female patients' recuperation, Santosh offers a safe environment.


Vestibular rehabilitation:

Vestibular rehabilitation is a specialized form of therapy. It is an exercise-based program, designed by atrained vestibular physical therapist, to improve balance and intended to alleviate problems caused by vestibular disorders, vertigo and dizziness.Our team of certified physiotherapists at Santosh College of Physiotherapy, working with the medical team of ENT specialists,Orthopaedicians andphysicians will provide a complete rehabilitation. A specific workout routine, which would incorporate ergonomics guidance, will be outlined after a thorough, complete, and objective analysis.



Intensive care unit (ICU) severe illness is still associated with high mortality rates, despite recent advancements in medical therapy and mechanical ventilation (MV).ICU survivors may also experience cognitive difficulties, physical impairment, and muscle weakness. Patients who are critically ill and have multiple organ failure are more likely to experience muscle wasting during the first week of their illness. Patients who have a single organ failure experience muscle wasting less severely.

Scientific organisations have suggested physiotherapy as a key element in the care of patients with critical illnesses. Patient mobility based on a continuous series of tasks such changing the decubitus position and

Functional positioning, passive, supported-active, and active mobilisation, cycling, sitting in bed, standing, static walking, getting out of bed and onto a chair, and walking are all included. The goal of early physiotherapy is to enhance a patient's quality of life and

preventing difficulties related to the ICU-associated challenges such as respiratory issues, dependency on a ventilator, and deconditioning.


Rooms and Laboratories

There are separate laboratories for U.G and P.G classes available. We have well
equipped labs with highly automotive equipment in physiotherapy & rehabilitation

1. KOPAL PAJNEE- Kopal is working as head of department in Jan Kalyan Health Care Hospital, Karol Bagh, Delhi. He is gold medallist and has passion about his work.

During his studies he used to participate at upfront in various activities. Earlier he hasworked as assistant professor in Santosh college of physiotherapy.  

2. DEEPTI GARNAWAT- Presently, she is working as senior physiotherapist in Canada.  She was one of the bright and excellent students in her batch.

3.HUMAIRA- She is deputed as assistant professor in one of the reputed universities

in Abu Dhabi, UAE. She has pursued her masters in physiotherapy (musculoskeletal)from our college and was among best students.  

4.MEENAKSHI VERMA- Presently, working as assistant professor in ShardaUniversity.

5.ROHIT MEHTA – A young dynamic physiotherapist presently working as head ofdepartment at Max hospital, Shalimar Bagh, Delhi.

6. PUJA SHARMA- Presently, working as assistant professor in PrakashInstitute,Noida.

  • Students and faculty from the department of physiotherapy have taken part in numerous national and international conferences and had won 1st and 2nd prizes
  • Students have represented the college in various paper and poster competitions inthese conferences.