Why Santosh?

The Santosh Institute of Allied Health Sciences is a consummatedical entity, first of its kind in Ghaziabad (Delhi NCR), India. It is run by"MAHARAJI EDUCATIONAL TRUST" a Public Charitable Trust, managed by service minded philanthropists for whom virtue is not a goal but is way of life.

The Maharaji Educational Trust, established with the main aims & objectives of rendering social and public services to the poor, needy, downtrodden & deserving population of the society with the provision of educational and medical and Healthcare facilities, true to its high tradition, has ambitious plans to develop a Santosh Institute of Allied Health Sciences & Medical Dental, Paramedical & Healthcare, Allied Health Science Colleges and Hospitals into an internationally renowned Medical establishment.

The Trust, managed by like-minded eminent personalities, who relentlessly endeavour to achieve excellence in every field they enter into, has the ever growing spirit to put the Institution in the Global Map of Medical Academy, through sheer commitment to service of mankind. Hence, it is no wonder that the Trust has entrusted the development of every one of the following institutions to experienced and enterprising experts in the respective sector with the main objective of achieving-state-of-the art standards, under the dynamic leadership of Dr. P. Mahalingam, M.D. (General medicine). DM (Cardiology). FCCP, an eminent Cardiologist and Educationist of International repute, who is the Chairman and Dr Santosh Mahalingam, Vice –Chairman both are Managing Trustee of the Trust, The guiding force behind this entire Mega project of Santosh Institute of Allied Health Sciences. The project has finally taken shape only because of their zeal, enthusiasm, determination, patience and perseverance

At present, Santosh Paramedical and Healthcare professions having Postgraduate, Undergraduate, and diploma programs, affiliated, accreditated by respective university, councils and U.P. Medical faculty.


Santosh Institute of Allied Health Sciences has developed a comprehensive evaluation system to ensure
high academic standards. The comprehensive evaluation system includes:

ECFMG exams

Working in reputed
Research Institutes

Awarded Young
Scientist Award of ICMR

Working as Sr. Residents in
Colleges and Hospitals

Holding high-ranking
Administrative Positions

Serving faculties in Reputed
National and Global Institutions