•  Can record vision

•  Can assess error of refraction &measure it with retinoscopy and   subjective refraction.

•  Can use common instruments &equipments related to ophthalmology.

•  Can perform procedures like Tonometry, Syringing ,Fundus photo, Slit lamp examination, Ophthalmoscopy , Corneal staining, FB removal, Dressing of eye etc.

•  Can prepare &prescribe glasses/spectacles and low vision aids.

•  Can assist common ophthalmic surgeries.

• Can play role in Blindness control programmes run by government.  

•  Is aware of latest machines like LASERS, OCT, Femtosecond etc.


Eligibility Criteria

•  Candidate must have passed 12th with Physics, Chemistry, Biology.


    Physics, Chemistry, Maths with 35%marks in Intermediate exams.(From U.P.board or any other recognised board.)

•  Candidate must have completed age of 17years of age as on 31st December of admission year.There is no maximum age limit for the admission.


Total Course Fees

Rs. 131500


Amount to be deposited at admission time

Rs. 26500 & 7 Post-dated cheques of Rs. 15000 for each quarter


Course Outline

•  Coursecover the study of vision screening, diagnosis, of visual problems, orthoptics and vision training.

Career Prospectives

•  Optometrist work in eye hospital

•  Clinics

•  Optical shop And some are self employed

• It is a dynamic and challenging career that offer Self Awareness Work, Flexibility, Community Respect, Money Related Achievements



•  As an optometrist you will examine patients eyes, give advice on visual problems and prescribe and fit spectacles or contact lenses when needed.